A tour of active Gold mine.



In the middle of the 18th century, gold was suddenly discovered in Ural in a complete surprise. The surprise was that nobody wanted to find it. The deposit that was discovered there however is still to this day in operation in the city of Berezovsky in the Sverdlovsk Region. It is arguably the longest active deposit in the world at 200 years old. If you’d like to try out your fate, you can go on a tour of this gold mine. Anything you find, you can take with you, even if that entails a few nuggets of gold. A tour to this open gold mine is not only a form of entertainment for adventurers, but also for those who are curious and knowledgeable. This is where the history of the gold mining industry began in Russia full of secrets, mysteries, and riddles portrayed over a canvass of real events. Described, of course, in the stories are the strongest in the world – esteemed government activists of recent centuries and in the course of the tour, you will find out what role each of them played in the extraction of Russian gold. And all of this started thanks to the luck that smiled down on a simple peasant named Erofey Markov. His fate came to fruition in a rather unconventional way. There is a belief in Ural that the mountains don’t just reveal their riches to everybody. Maybe some of its mysteries will reveal themselves to you… 

Languages that the tours are conducted in include Russian, English, German, and French.


duration: 6 hours

number of tourists  1-7
total price, RUB 21900