Deer Creeks (Streams) natural park.


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A tour to Deer Creeks (Streams) natural park encompasses a journey to a world of unique and carefully preserved Ural nature. What stands out about it is that plants have long since been living there on slopes quite tall for the Ural mountains that are uncharacteristic for the given nature zone. Large-leaved trees and bushes have taken a liking to the sunny slopes, which vegetate in the south. There is also a variety of fauna in the park, although the animals inhabiting it are quite typical for the moderate climate, such as mooses, rabbits, and squirrels. Lazily churning its waters at the foot of the slopes is a small river. Located next to the Angel of Hope (a monument that was given to the park by foreign tourists) is located on an observation deck. Such a place can be visited both in the small and the large routes of the park. This small one is around 6 km, while the large on is about 20 km. All trails at the park are elevated and paved with stone or asphalt. Walking on them is really a pleasure and if you choose to go along the large route, you will not grow tired. Awaiting you there is Friendship Cave, which is not only a natural monument, but a historic one as well: on the falls of the cave, you can check out drawing from man in his primitive days. Aside from that, you can not only walk around the park on foot, but you can also rent quads and snowmobiles too.  Situated near the park are two cafés, one of which features a hospitable German man who decided to stay there after first coming there as a tourist since he was so taken by the places there. 

Languages that the tours are conducted in include Russian, English, German, and French


  • duration: 7-8 hours
  • price includes: guide, transport, lunch, tickets
number of tourists 1-2 3-6 7-17 18-33

total price, RUB

12800 15800 24900 44200