A city-tour will take 3 hours, during the excursion, You will visit all major sights of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) including the "Church on spilled blood"- the death site of the last royal family of Russia (the Romanovs), the Dam — the place where the city started. Of course you will know why Stalin's elephant died in one of the churches of Ekaterinburg and why the architect of the city administration got busted after the building was complete, and lots of more interesting facts.

Ekaterinburg city view


Being in Ekaterinburg and not seeing the Europe and Asia border is like being in Paris and not seeing Eiffel tower. The geographical border between Europe and Asia is just 13km west from the city. On the way back, you will visit the famous Ekaterinburg Mafia Cemetery, where the CosaNostra bosses of 90's are buried and a typical Russian village, with wooden houses, "banya"s, "dacha"s - place where local farmers live.

The "Ganina Yama" is a sacred place in the forest 20km north of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), where the remains of the Romanov family were found in 1992. Now there is a monastery on that place, 7 wooden churches(one for each member of the royal family) and 200 monks living. Russian Orthodox church believes all the territory around the place to be sacred.



If you have at least 8-9 hours free, and if you're interested in Russian traditions and culture, then we recommend you to take a tour to a real Siberian villages - Aramashevo and Nizhniaya Sinyachiha. It is 150 km away from Ekaterinburg, and more then 300 years old! visiting 17th century traditional houses and trying traditional Russian cuisine will impress you! Besides that you will visit composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky`s house in Alapaevsk.


Hiking in national park "Deer Streams". A picturesque river, cliffs, deepest cave of Sverdlovkaya Oblsat region, beautiful forest. A very popular place to go among Russians both in summer and winter. Several different routes to choose from, depending on difficulty.

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An excursion to a working Gold Mine in Berezovskiy town - 20 km east from Ekaterinburg - where the first Russian gold was found in 1745. At first you will see a rescuer training mine – to get some basic training, then you will go 512 meters deep and see how the auriferous (gold bearing) gravel is excavated. Try yourself and pan out some gold!

The famous Neviansk leaning tower - a symbol of Neviansk town, was built approximately in 1725. The building still keeps lots of secrets: its tilt, the underground passes, the eavesdropping room, the secret melting furnace hidden inside one of the walls, the lightning rod - with was mounted on the top of Neviansk tower 25 years before its official invention.